The reason I am here is to help others who have intolerances.

For over 20 years I have had food intolerances and my first recollection was when I was physically ill at 23yrs old and wanted to figure out why? A Doctor told me ” it may not be the food you eat but the environment you are in, for example if you are sitting outside on the grass, the grass may give you the physical reaction.” Wow my mind was blown.

I went about my day and thought ok that’s interesting but 20 years later with more and more intolerances and allergen reactions this was more apparent.

I could never select perfumes without wheezing, headaches or feeling sick in the tummy and often could only handle one perfume or fragrance at a time.

This was the same reaction when it came to candles, essential oils, fragrances and I wanted to know more. Why?

During my research for creating my brand Clean Burn Candle I discovered triggers, know irritants and scents. The world has gone mad with using essential oils and I was thinking these make me sick why would I use them?

I was at my sisters she had joined one of those essential oil schemes and I thought lets try them out and some were ok and others I felt instantly sick to my stomach. It was Ylang Ylang I was surprised! But this is one of the known essential oils to avoid when you are sensitive to smell. The list goes on including: tea tree, eucalyptus, fir… and more.

Naturally I began my research this was long and extensive. I started finding companies that stocked essential oils and selected the low allergen oils only and spend a lot of money, time and yes some headaches to find the right ones. But when I did, I noticed I was able to tolerate them without the side effects.

Clean Burn Candle Aromatherapy candle uses blends created with this in mind only a small amount of essential oils in the carrier wax oil are used at 5% this decreases the chances of reactions but also is effective enough to have aromatic results when in use. The candle takes a lot of time to create safely so that the oils bind and do not expel. To create this candle they are hand poured and half set to ensure the product carries the aromatherapy result and not get lost half way through the candle. This also ensures the candle is not releasing all the oils out of the top, as to prevent it from catching alight.

So the lesson here is you can use essential oils in moderation, with care, with aromatherapy benefits and enjoy them.

I created 7 essential oil blends and candles called Bianco Rose Aromatherapy Candle.

Try them out and be confident in the knowing they pass my test of approval!

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