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Introducing Clean Burn Candle Box & Refill Service

Clean Burn Candle is thrilled to announce that we’re switching over to a reusable, recyclable box system. By reducing waste and improving our carbon footprint, we can help the environment and keep it clean.

How? we created our own product recycling system. You may wonder why costs of candles get so pricey? It’s due to shipping costs, insurances, printing, stickers, packaging and more packaging. So in order to be more sustainable we have to start thinking outside the box and so that’s what we did!

Our Clean Burn box comes with your choice of candle. Your first box will be labeled with your name and is designed to fit your candle vessel so that it can be reused for another candle purchase!

The Clean Burn Box is a recycling program for our candles. When you purchase a candle it is placed in the Clean Burn box. If you wish to re-purchase the same scent and size you can simply keep the same candle vessel, clean the candle vessel and we’ll get you a new re-pour each time!

(please note: candle vessels will be inspected and if not suitable for re-pour we will notify you. There is a limit on how many times you can re-use a candle vessel due to heat and handling cracks may form).

By boxing up your empty candle vessels and returning them to us is a simple way to reduce waste. Not only does it help the environment, but it also helps us save money on extra costs like printing, shipping and stickers, so we can pass those savings onto you. So don’t throw that box away or recycle it, South Australia leads the way with recycling and now at Clean Burn Candle we have created a candle and box recycling system.

Let’s put the focus on the product and have a beautiful branding that is sustainable too!

Here is a brake down in Candle cost for boxing and packaging

Sticker x 3 = $1-2, Basic Box = $2-5 , Small Mailing box $1,Carry Bag $2,Gift bags $2-4,Gift box Up to $10

On average : $6 is spent on packaging at a minimum

Extras that I gift!

Gift wrap


Thank you cards

Business cards

Promotional Matches $3.50

Tissue paper