You light up my world candle

“You light up my world” Candle

This is the exact feeling I get when I am with my son. His character, attitude and ability to smile while he is in pain, enduring chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is incredible.

Ethan was diagnosed at 3 years of age and is now 5, the personal challenges he has gone through at such a young age is not the way I imagined his childhood to be. We have all these thoughts, dreams and aspirations when we become parents and they were swept away with one blood test resulting in his diagnosis.

There is a light ever so gentle from the care and dedication from so many and this is why this candle had to be a part of my store. To continue services of counselling, financial aid, education and so much more these charity’s. Part profits go to various foundations who need our support and are dedicated to Childhood Cancer.

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