Clean Burn Candle is based in Adelaide and run by Lia
Lia has spent years working with people in the beauty industry.
Surrounded by scents, fragrances, luxury products that awakened the senses…..BUT over time Lia noticed that she was getting headaches and feeling breathless when she was in rooms where candles were burning or room fragrances had been used.
Overtime the symptoms worsened till she had to completely avoid all fragrances and even some essential oils
It killed her not being able to enjoy fragrances within her home.
So in typical Lia style, she set about finding candles that she could enjoy and that is how Clean burn Candle started.

The Clean Burn Candle range will bring style and comfort to your home with our Natural Candle fragrance range in our low allergen scents .

Our Sensitive range is not only light but refreshing allowing clean non toxic aromas to envelop the room without causing you a headache or tummy aches.

Wholesale Inquiries

YES we wholesale and we make it easy for businesses of all sizes to become a stockist!
Please fill in the contact form below and we will send you the wholesale options