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Lets run though a few tips and tricks for maintaining your Clean Burn Candle

Yes, we love being sustainable and reuse resources where possible. We inspect each candle jar for cracks and safety before it’s refilled. Unbranded candle jars that you may have can be refilled also.

You need to clean them before drop off and there is a blog on how to do this take a look .

Natural cotton wicks can have a mushroom look on the top after it has burned for a while. If you do not trim it off before you relight your candle it will smoke black fumes into the air making the candle not burn clean or as fresh. Black soot can stain walls or fabrics close to the soot.

Cut it to a 4mm before you light it for a cleaner , fresher burn. Turn out your wick by using a wick hook and put out the flame in the wax this will also coat the wick for a better burn next time.

Yes, we do . From creating a scent as a custom to your preferences due to your allergies this can be done !
If you want a particular fun label, bridesmaid names in foil, gift packs or any custom attributes we are here to help, as a passionate person who loves getting creative this is right up my alley.

No , this may alter the properties of the fragrance and candle . For a candle to last longer follow these simple steps.

1- Store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight

2- Put the lid on after every use. A lot of people leave candles unlit and with the lid off , over time the fragrance can escape and not hold it’s strength.

3- If you have a favourite candle, box it up with the lid on and wick trimmed and store as suggested above.

Do not leave the candle in a warm , hot area to melt or outside as this can cause the candle to have too many temperature changes.

Yes , we ship Australia wide and use Australia Post sometimes freight prices change and we have to reflect their pricing but help as much as possible.

We offer local pick up in Adelaide

We offer in house smell and select

We offer group candle bookings and VIP sessions to smell , select and purchase with friends with refreshments and more. We also have adult candle making workshops and school holiday workshops too!

Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund. However, if there is a issue we are always here to help, support and offer a solution.

Candle Care

Use save measures when you candle is lit : use a stable level surface away from drafts, drapes, pets and children.

Here’s how to have the cleanest burn and care for your candles

1- Select a place away from direct sunlight for your candle then trim your wick before lighting to 5mm.

2- Once you light your candle allow it to burn for 1 hour or until the wax pool reaches the side of the candle vessel for even wax distribution

and prevent a tunnel.

3-Do not burn for more than 4 hours as to keep the

container from getting too hot or cracking.

4- Use a wick hook to turn out your candle simply dip the wick into the wax it will create a coating, reduce smoke and create a better burn next time. Put the lid on to maintain your candles scent and clean from dust particles.

5- On your next burn trim your wick and remove any debris.

6- Recycle/refill when wax is down to 5mm read my blog on how to clean