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Why Clean Burn Candles?

We help solve fragrance sensitivity!

I have spent my working life in the beauty industry and I was surrounded by fragrances and beautiful smells.
Over time I realised that the fragrances that were surrounding me at work and at home were making me sick.
I was given a diffuser that made me wheeze so badly that I had to bin it.

Our low allergen fragrances ensure you are still able to enjoy beautiful candles and diffusers in your home or workplace with less fear of physical reactions to scent.

Every Scent Must Pass The “Lia Test”
If I react to a scent, I know others will too.

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Our fragrances must pass our testing to ensure they are suitable for everyone

Send Vibes With Crystal Infusions

This is our most popular candle options. Read why they are so popular

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We have an easy way to select the best fragrances for you and your home

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Formulated with organic soy wax and lead free cotton wicks – we have selected non toxic fragrances , No VOC diffusers and additive free wax.
Even the most fragrance sensitive person will find a candle they can burn and enjoy.

Low allergen candles, home fragrances everyone can enjoy!

Every scent or fragrance must be low allergen – All of our fragrances and essential oils must pass the “Lia Test”

Up Coming Candle workshops and events!

Book in your own private candle making day

Book your spot at our Clean Burn Candle Making Workshop – a fun and creative experience in Adelaide! Gather your friends and create personalised candles for yourself or thoughtful gifts. From crafting to labelling and decorating, customise your creations for any occasion.

School Holiday Candle Making

Don’t miss the excitement! Our School Holiday Candle Making Workshop is a hit – join in the fun and ignite your creativity. Craft your own candles, add a personal touch with labels and decorations. It’s the perfect way to make lasting memories during the school break!


Create Memories With Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

We have created candles that may uplift your mood
with low allergen ingredients that everyone including your pets, can enjoy.
Did you know that we also offer refills?
You can reuse our beautiful jars and refill them with the scent you choose. Read more about how to get your refills here.

You Light Up My World – Lucky Dip Candles

Our Chance To give back Donate to our fund raiser today via this link

My son was diagnosed at 3 years of age and challenges he has gone through at such a young age is not the way
I imagined his childhood to be. We have all have dreams as parents and they were swept away with one blood test.

There is a light ever so gentle from the care and dedication from so many and this is why this candle had to be a part of my store.
Part profits go to various foundations who need our support and are dedicated to Childhood Cancer.

Discover Our Collections

Choose from our beautiful jars and then select your candle scent.
Our fragrances are formulated with low allergen and non toxic fragrances.
We can help you set the mood in your home that even the most sensitive person can enjoy.
Always use candles with care in a well ventilated area

Candle Care Guide Lines

Get the most out of your Clean Burn Candles.
You will enjoy your candle for longer with a few simple tips.

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