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“I Put my sensitivities aside…”

At Clean Burn Candle I am one of the people with a delicate sense of smell who understands, who has felt reactions and avoided all candles in the past. After getting so many candles and never using them. I had enough and decided to put my sensitivities aside, dove in and researched the cleanest way to make a candle. In order to  find a candle line to suit a variety of people and include particular scents I had to eliminate the irritants and particular elements that cause reactions.  

I put myself through the vigorous testing including the following:

  • Monitoring my reaction to the scent
  • Researching knows allergies and irritants
  • Researching Essential oils and eliminating scents that are harmful to pets, children and during pregnancy
  • If any scent caused a reaction including: wheezing, headaches, irritable bowel, coughing. I would discard it and record information. 
  • Created and blended Essential oils with low allergy criteria. 

 “No Palm, no lead, no phthalates, clean burning Candle..”

Clean Burn Candle developed a style to bypass the fear of using scented candles focusing on people who have allergies, sensitivities and irritations to smell. This includes children and pets. How did I do this? 

By selecting subtle scents that are:

  • Non- toxic Fragrance oils
  • Phthalate free and paraben free
  • 100 % Essential oils
  • 100 % natural fragrance oils
  • Cotton fiber wicks
  • 100 % Soy Coconut wax for Aromatherapy Candles
  • 100% Soy Wax.
  • Vegan friendly and Cruelty free

After many conversations, I discovered that sensitivities to scents were common and I wanted to provide a gap in the market to cater for all people, so that everyone can enjoy clean burning natural and scents and fragrances.

Child Hood Cancer Donation Candle

My 2oz ,4 oz “You light up my world” travel tins are dedicated to my son, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. When you purchase this in your order (not sold separately) part of the proceeds will be donated to the charities who have supported us through my son’s childhood cancer battle. There ongoing counseling, financial aid, tutoring and education support is crucial for families and children facing Childhood Cancer.

Especially -Leukemia Foundation, Lion Hearts Learning Centre, Red Kite, Cancer Council, Camp Quality. It’s so hard just to choose one place to donate to, so I will dedicate this fund to reach a little to all.

Donations Raised to date:

  • $200 Raised and donated to Lion Hearts Learning
  • $600 raised for Charlies Rainbow AML Research