Meditation Aromatherapy candle


A subtle floral, sweet smelling mild and spicy aroma that is very grounding.  It has the unique ability to drive away sadness and disappointment and prepares you to take on life with a new and positive perspective. To re-earth you from the worries and grief you may be facing. Orange is bright, uplifting and stimulating but also creates a relaxing and soothing ambience. Rosewood is beautiful, sweet, woody, and floral. Helps with stress, nervousness, anxiety, and depression. It helps to drive away sadness, getting you a positive view of life. Patchouli is Grounding and peaceful

To balance and harmonise your day.

  • Candle Made with 160gms 100% Pure Soy Wax, no palm wax, no paraffin wax
  • Candle is 100 % Natural Fragrance. Non-toxic, phthalate , paraben free and vegan friendly.
  • Candle made with Cotton wicks and cotton ribbon wicks. No lead wicks.
  • Candle burn time approximately 25-30 hrs
  • Perfect for those with Delicate sense of smell, allergies, sensitive to smell and require a non-toxic clean burning candle
  • Always use essential oils with caution and seek medical advice if pregnant or nursing a child especially under 3 months old. Never leave candle unattended

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Pair with Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli

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