Crystal Infusions

Crystal Infusions
Why We Do It This Way

Every candle we sell, we offer a crystal infusion as an add on product.
Your candle needs your own vibes and wishes.
You select the crystals and we include affirmations that you bless your crystals with. When you add the crystals to your candle, it is your energy that you are surrounding yourself with.

Or if you are giving a candle as a gift – You can add your blessing and love to the crystal infusion.
Imagine giving this as a gift when you really want to send someone your love – well now you can. Pour your love into the crystals so that your love goes to them.

crystal infusion

Crystals To Choose From

Amazonite – Peace truth harmony
Amethyst – Meditate, wisdom ,release
Carnelian – Balancing body energy levels
Green Adventurine – Luck light courage
Hemalight -Improve their circulation (good for heavy periods)
Howlite – Grief trauma depression
Lapis Lazuli – Inner peace unlock psychic ability
Rose quartz – Stone of love
Sunstone – Inspire good nature and an enjoyment of life
Rainbow Moonstone – New beginning relax clear mind