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Discover our incredible scent collection—a unisex symphony designed for all genders. Dive into a world of diverse aromas, from enticing dupes and sophisticated colognes to delicate florals, zesty citrus, earthy woodsy notes, and the purity of essential oils. Find scents that resonate with both men and women, creating an inclusive fragrance experience that transcends boundaries and suits every unique taste. Unveil a palette of possibilities, ensuring everyone finds their perfect scent at our fragrance haven.


The matte black geo candle with sealed lid is filled with 330 grams of 100% natural soy wax , non-toxic phthalate free fragrances and natural cotton wicks . This vessel is also refillable so take a look at how on the blog
How to Clean your empty candle jars

Burn time Guide

  • 160g = 30 to 40 hours
  • 300g = 60 to 70 hours
  • 450g = 100 to 120 hours


Add A Crystal Infusion To Your Candle

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