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Candle Care for a longer lasting candle

Use these ‘save measures’ when your candle is lit :
Ensure that you use a stable level surface away from drafts, curtains, pets and children.

Here’s how to have the cleanest burn and care for your candles

1- Select a place away from direct sunlight for your candle then trim your wick before lighting to 5mm.

2- Once you light your candle allow it to burn for 1 hour or until the wax pool reaches the side of the candle vessel for even wax distribution and prevent a tunnel.

3-Do not burn for more than 4 hours as to keep the container from getting too hot or cracking.

4- Use a wick hook to turn out your candle simply dip the wick into the wax it will create a coating, reduce smoke and create a better burn next time. Put the lid on to maintain your candles scent and clean from dust particles.

5- On your next burn, trim your wick and remove any debris. We sell a candle tool kit that has a wick trimmer in it. They do make this process a lot easier with no mess!

6- Recycle/refill when wax is down to 5mm read my blog on how to clean

Did you know that you can reuse your jars and send them back to us and we can refill them.
Or the jars can be reused for so many other things.
No need to throw them away!

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