About – The Facts

Essential Oils scents are clean, fresh, and are also known to help with particular emotions or moods, so not only will the candle be clean burning, but it is also used for therapeutic benefits to set the tone of the room or workspace. I like using meditation with clear quartz or rose quartz to enhance and balance my room and alleviate my stress.

I have sourced most of my Essential Oils and Crystals from an Australian made company, however, some are sourced from California .

Both Essential Oils and natural fragrances are 100% Natural .Visit Candle scents to learn more:

Fragrance Oils are made up of 80% essential oils, natural oils and 20 % synthetic.
What does synthetic fragrance mean? Some fragrances cannot be produced naturally via distillation therefore a perfumist creates it using non-toxic, phthalate free and vegan friendly formula.

Learn more here at: https://wholehomescenting.com/how-essential-oils-and-fragrance-oils-are-made/

Our Coco Soy is a natural soybean, coconut wax is used for the Essential Oil Candles.
100% Hydrogenated Soywax used for Natural fragrance and fragrance candles.
No Paraffin Wax. No Palm Wax. No synthesised waxes
(If you want a coloured candle this will be a synthetic dye but the wax is soy.)

Clean Burn Candles specialty wick products provide luxury to the candle to create the design of the candles flame so, it will burn and stay rounded to a point and not wave around as much. The ribbon wicks and wooden wicks also self trim as they burn.

No lead or zinc wicks are used at Clean Burn Candles.
Cotton, wood and 100% natural fiber ribbons creating a wider flame and less curling.
A carefully selected wick is used for the best results for your candles flame.

If you need help selecting the right candle, please contact me for assistance.

Caring for your candle :

Please burn your candle for 1 hour to prevent the candle wax from tunneling, no longer than 4 hours as your container heat will build up and can cause it to become weak or crack. Keep candle in sight, away from children and pets. Do not move as container will become hot and place on a heat resistant surface. Trim your wick and remove any debris when re-lighting. Keep matches, lighters away from the candle.

Only clean your containers with a soft cloth and no cleaning agents as to protect the paint and product. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Please note soy wax can crystallise, sweat in different temperatures and soy coco can melt in hot weather. Wax company shelf life is 12 months -3yrs.